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Gaspar Pinto

Molecular dynamics simulations

Gaspar Pinto, Ph.D.

After completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Porto – Portugal, under the supervision of Prof. Maria Ramos, in the area of Computational Chemistry where he focused on the development of a force field for molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecular systems. Gaspar then proceeded to obtain his Ph.D., in 2015, in the group of Prof. Nino Russo in the University of Calabria – Italy. While in his Ph.D., Gaspar focused mainly on MD simulations and the study of reaction mechanisms catalyzed by enzymes using the cluster model approach and hybrid QM/MM

Since starting his first postdoc in Brno – Czech Republic, he divides his attention between the study of how dynamics of specific protein regions contribute to enzyme activity and the development of personalized treatment software for oncology patients while keeping with his previous fields of work on cluster-model and QM/MM to study enzymatic mechanisms and parameter building. He is using his background in chemistry and applying it to biology. He has co-authored 8 articles in the areas of computational chemistry and protein engineering.