Biotechnological Excursions for Students

At the end of the autumn semester, students of Biochemistry and Experimental and Molecular Biology (Faculty of Science, Masaryk University) visited Biovendor, DIANA Biotechnologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific and the research centre BIOCEV. We would like to thank all institutions for the opportunity of the tour, the time and energy devoted to the students. Students evaluated the excursions as follows:
The excursions gave me great anticipation and encouragement for further study.
Although quite honestly I didn’t want to go on excursions at the beginning and I wondered why I enrolled in this course, in the end all the visits exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed them very much.
The excursions were very enriching for me in the sense that they brought me closer to working in the laboratory from a different side than I was used to.
On the excursion, it was possible to gain valuable information about the possible future employment of students of various disciplines, which opened up another possible path that I can take after completing my studies in biochemistry at MUNI.
The course enabled us to see how these companies really work and what requirements our potential employers may have. At the same time, we were able to get an idea of what such work entails and in what conditions it is possible to work and what the companies are looking for. For me, this is an experience that even the best lectures and seminars cannot bring us.

We are looking forward to Bi6161 Microbiological Excursions organized in the spring semester!

Photo: Sarka Nevolova

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