Exploration of Enzyme Diversity: High-Throughput Techniques for Protein Production and Microscale Biochemical Characterization


Vasina, M., Vanacek, P., Damborsky, J., Prokop, Z.




Dan S. Tawfik (Ed.)


Academic Press


Enzymes are being increasingly utilized for acceleration of industrially and pharmaceutically critical chemical reactions. The strong demand for finding robust and efficient biocatalysts for these applications can be satisfied via the exploration of enzyme diversity. The first strategy is to mine the natural diversity, represented by millions of sequences available in the public genomic databases, by using computational approaches. Alternatively, metagenomic libraries can be targeted experimentally or computationally to explore the natural diversity of a specific environment. The second strategy, known as directed evolution, is to generate man-made diversity in the laboratory using gene mutagenesis and screen the constructed library of mutants. The selected hits must be experimentally characterized in both strategies, which currently represent the rate-limiting step in the process of diversity exploration. The traditional techniques used for biochemical characterization are time-demanding, cost, and sample volume ineffective, and low-throughput. Therefore, the development and implementation of high-throughput experimental methods are essential for discovering novel enzymes. This chapter describes the experimental protocols employing the combination of robust production and high-throughput microscale biochemical characterization of enzyme variants. We validated its applicability against the model enzyme family of haloalkane dehalogenases. These protocols can be adapted to other enzyme families, paving the way towards the functional characterization and quick identification of novel biocatalysts.

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Vasina, M., Vanacek, P., Damborsky, J., Prokop, Z., 2020: Exploration of Enzyme Diversity: High-Throughput Techniques for Protein Production and Microscale Biochemical Characterization. In: Dan S. Tawfik (Ed.), Methods in Enzymology, Academic Press, pp. 51-85.

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