iGEM Gold Medal for Generation Mendel

Pavel and Peter Kohouts, Sabina Fronková (alumni) and Martin Marek in the role of a supervisor are the representatives of Loschmidt Laboratories in Generation Mendel. The team was awarded a gold medal in the Environment panel of iGEM competition. Sincere congratulations!

The goal of their project is to design a mobile device CYANOTRAP for degradation and detoxification of cyanobacterial blooms in lakes and water reservoirs.

David to Participate in NGSchool2022
Stas to Present at AI for Enzyme Instructed Synthetic Catalysis
David to Present at XXV Biological Days
1st Droplet Sorting in LL
Jiri to Present at Business2Science
Prof. Bornscheuer to Give Lecture at MU
Dean’s Award for Pavel