Getting Experience in Germany

Michal Vasina is a doctoral student of Environmental Health Sciences at the Faculty of Science of the Masaryk University. His research is focused on application of microfluidics in protein and metabolic engineering under the guidance of Prof. Zbynek Prokop in the Loschmidt Laboratories. Michal visited University of Greifswald in Germany from August to September 2021. Read short interview with Michal here.

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Research Visit in Switzerland

Michaela Slanska is a student of Biochemistry at Masaryk University who works on her Diploma Thesis in Zbynek Prokop’s Team of Loschmidt Laboratories. She visited prestigious Swiss university ETH Zürich from March to May 2021. On this occasion, we asked her for a short interview.

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The VIth Summer School Successfully Behind Us

Summer School on Protein Engineering organized by the Loschmidt Laboratories was performed on-line in June 2021. Thirty secondary school and university students attended the course and learnt about bioinformatics, molecular and structural biology, enzymology and microfluidics. Short interview with three students who succeeded in presentation of scientific article is here.

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Programming for Research

The prize of the Dean of the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University was awarded to two researchers from the Loschmidt Laboratories, Ondrej Vavra and Jan Stourac. On this occasion, we asked both colleagues who specializes in bioinformatics for a short interview.

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My Goal? Effective Linking of Scientific Disciplines for the Benefit of the Patient

Jan Mican became one of the holders of this year’s Dean’s Award of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University for the best undergraduate students of the faculty. He received it in the Category for outstanding scientific performance, where he took first place. In the Loschmidt Laboratories of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University and the FNUSA-ICRC, he focuses, for example, on the development of new thrombolytics within the Stroke Brno platform.

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Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction Using the FireProt ASR Web Server

Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction (ASR) is a technique used in the study of molecular evolution. In protein engineering, ASR is used to find unknown ancestral proteins from which the current ones have evolved. Researchers from Loschmidt Laboratories in cooperation with FIT VUT Brno have developed their own web application for the use of this method – FireProt ASR. The benefits of using this software were described by Rayyan Tariq Khan.

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I Was Literally Thrilled With Protein Engineering

Martin Toul is a Ph.D. student of Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics at Masaryk University. Martin works in Zbynek Prokop’s team and is interested in transient kinetics of proteins. He completed an internship in Thailand and his results have so far been awarded with the Brno Ph.D. Talent and the Rector’s Award for outstanding Master’s students. Read short interview with Martin here.

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I’m Attracted to Challenges. Protein Engineering and Working in a Spin-off Company Offer Plenty of Them.

Radka Chaloupkova studied Physical Chemistry at Masaryk University and defended her Doctoral thesis in the field of Biochemistry. She has completed two foreign research internships in Great Britain and worked as the leader of one of the research teams at Loschmidt Laboratories. At present, she is working in the spin-off company Enantis as Chief Scientific Officer.

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David Awarded by MUNI Scientist Award
Tonda Succesfully Defended Doctoral Thesis
LL & Enantis Awarded by MUNI Innovation Award
Lucia’s Success at AMAVET Competition
Ph.D. Student Wanted
Martin Selected for Global Young Scientists Summit
Honza to Present at 17th P4EU Meeting