Gaspar P. Pinto, Dr.

Gaspar P. Pinto, Dr.

since 2017

Research interests

Gaspar P. Pinto is interested in understanding the inner works of enzymes and bending them to our will. Through his background in computational chemistry, he applies MD simulations, QM/MM calculations, and classical and trajectory docking. He is using his experience in chemistry and applying it to biology. During his PhD, a love for protein engineering started building up in him, which lead him to Brno for his postdoctoral engagement. With his set of skills, he set out to help develop and test workflows that improve the engineering of faster proteins, even doubling the proteins' activity. Since starting his first postdoc in Brno, his efforts are divided between the study of how dynamics contribute to enzyme activity and the development of personalised treatment software for oncology patients. He also follows his previous fields of work on cluster-model and QM/MM to study enzymatic mechanisms and parameter building.


Present, Post-Doc, Molecular Modeling/Bioinformatics, ICRC-FNUSA, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
2015 PhD, Computational Chemistry, Calabria University, Italy
2011 MSc, Chemistry, University of Porto, Portugal
2009 BSc, Chemistry, University of Porto, Portugal


Hands-on Computational Design Course

Scientific output

11 research articles


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