Ondrej Vavra, M.Sc.

Ondrej Vavra, M.Sc.

Molecular Biology
since 2013

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Research interests

Ondrej Vavra is interested in applying bioinformatic tools to solve challenging protein engineering projects. His area of interest is the research of tunnels in proteins and interaction of ligand molecules with proteins. He focuses on running Molecular dynamics and docking simulations. Furthermore, he is skilled in preparing pipelines for automated screenings, scripting and prototyping novel software. Often, he takes part in collaboration with both experimental and IT professionals.


2017 MSc, Genomics and Proteomics, Masaryk University, Brno


Structural Biology
Summer School of Protein Engineering
Hands-on Computational Design Course

Scientific output

8 research articles
3 software tools
118 citations, H-index 5


2017 Brno Ph.D. Talent award
2016 Fellowship from foundation Nadace Sophia
2016 Dean´s scholarship to support creativity of students
2015 Fellowship from foundation Nadani Josefa, Marie a Zdenky Hlavkovych



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