Unveiling of a Memorial Plaque in Memory of J. Loschmidt
(October 4, 2003; Ostrov, Czech Republic)

The formal unveiling of a memorial plaque in memory of Josef Loschmidt on 4 October 2003 at 1 p.m. at the former Piarist monastery in the town of Ostrov near Karlovy Vary. By erecting this plaque, the Czech scientific community wishes to pay homage to Josef Loschmidt, who received his basic education at the monastery school in Ostrov in the 1830s. Pictures and more information can be found in the photogallery and the articles published in the newspaper Moravskoslezský deník (185 kB), Bulletin of Czech Chemical Society Chemical Papers (275 kB) and Bulletin of Technical University in Brno Udalosti na VUT v Brne (330 kB).

Pozvánka na akci

(June 27-27, 1995; Vienna, Austria)

The symposium held to honour Josef Loschmidt hundred years after his death (8 July 1895), to evaluate the significance of his contribution to Chemistry and Physics from a modern point of view and to trace the development of scientific fields in which he had done pioneering work. The venue of the Symposium was the University of Vienna, where Loschmidt was Professor from 1868 up to his retirement 1891. The proceedings of the Symposium was published in the brochure and proceedings in the book. Pictures and more information can be found in the photogallery.

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