KinTek Workshop First Time in Europe

The 13th New Enzymology Kinetics Workshop took place in Brno on May 26-30, 2019.

Responsible for the local organization was Prof. Zbynek Prokop of Loschmidt Laboratories. The organizing team was further represented by Prof. Kenneth A. Johnson and JoAnn Hunter Johnson, PhD.

The event was attended by 32 participants from all over the world including academia (e.g. University of Cambridge, University of Boston, University of Münster, Francis Crick Institute …) and commercial sphere (e.g. Roche, MyoKardia, Pentapharm, Tango Therapeutics …)

Modern kinetic methods coupled with high-resolution structural data provide a powerful tool to establish reaction mechanisms. In this intensive four-day course taught by Dr Kenneth A. Johnson, modern kinetic analysis using a variety of kinetic and equilibrium methods will be detailed using numerous examples on proteins and nucleic acids. The course will focus on developing the path from experimental design to data collection and analysis to yield new mechanistic insights.

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