Martin Received GACR Grant

Dr. Martin Marek has received GACR Standard grant jointly with Prof. Lenka Hernychova (MMCI, Brno) on “Exploring the acquisition of novel protein functions within haloalkane dehalogenase family”. Enzymes catalyse most of the chemical reactions that occur in biological systems and can be given non-natural catalytic functions by protein engineering. However, despite their vast importance, we do not exactly know how enzymes acquire the structural diversity and conformational flexibility that enables them to evolve towards new molecular functions. Their preliminary proof-of-concept data suggest that as-yet-underexplored protein elements – flexible loops and access tunnels – play a pivotal role in functional diversification of enzymes.

Dr. Martin Marek, in collaboration with Prof. Lenka Hernychova (MMCI, Brno), now starts to work an ambitious project that will investigate the molecular structures of model enzymes from haloalkane dehalogenase family using an integrative multi-method biology approach. They aim to capture unprecedented molecular details of the conformational sampling that is required for emergence of new protein and catalytic functions. The gained knowledge will serve as a basis for the development of new theoretical concepts for the rational engineering of tailor-made protein catalysts exploitable in biotechnology and biomedicine. Sincere congratulations and good luck!

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